Szczecin Goleniow Airport (SZZ)

  • GPS Location:53.584728, 14.9022
  • Altitude:154ft / 46m
  • City:Szczechin
  • Country:Poland
  • IATA Code: SZZ
  • ICAO Code: EPSC
  • Links:  

The Szczecin Goleniow Airport is located in Poland, near the city of Szczechin. The geographical position is 53.584728 Latitude and 14.9022 Longitude in the North-Eastern Hemisphere at an altitude of 154 feet.



Airports nearby

Name City Country Distance
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Berlin Schonefeld Airport (SXF) Berlin Germany 165 km / 102 miles
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Copenhagen Airport (CPH) Copenhagen Denmark 268 km / 166 miles

Destinations reachable from Szczecin Goleniow Airport

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