Sylt Airport (GWT)

  • GPS Location:54.91325, 8.340472
  • Altitude:51ft / 15m
  • City:Westerland
  • Country:Germany
  • IATA Code: GWT
  • ICAO Code: EDXW
  • Links:  

The Sylt Airport (Airportcode GWT) is located in Germany, near the city of Westerland. The geographical position is 54.91325 Latitude and 8.340472 Longitude in the North-Eastern Hemisphere at an altitude of 51 feet.



Airports nearby

Name City Country Distance
Billund Airport (BLL) Billund Denmark 105 km / 65 miles
Hamburg Airport (HAM) Hamburg Germany 178 km / 111 miles
Bremen Airport (BRE) Bremen Germany 210 km / 130 miles
Copenhagen Airport (CPH) Copenhagen Denmark 283 km / 176 miles
Hannover Langenhagen Airport (HAJ) Hannover Germany 287 km / 178 miles
Munster Osnabruck International Airport (FMO) Muenster/osnabrueck Germany 312 km / 194 miles

Destinations reachable from Sylt Airport

Country Name City IATA ICAO Connections
Frankfurt Airport (FRA) Frankfurt Germany FRA EDDF
Munster Osnabruck International Airport (FMO) Muenster/osnabrueck Germany FMO EDDG
Hamburg Airport (HAM) Hamburg Germany HAM EDDH
Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN) Cologne Germany CGN EDDK
Dusseldorf International Airport (DUS) Duesseldorf Germany DUS EDDL
Munich Airport (MUC) Munich Germany MUC EDDM
Nuremberg Airport (NUE) Nuernberg Germany NUE EDDN
Stuttgart Airport (STR) Stuttgart Germany STR EDDS
Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL) Berlin Germany TXL EDDT
Bremen Airport (BRE) Bremen Germany BRE EDDW
Mannheim City Airport (MHG) Mannheim Germany MHG EDFM
Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport (XFW) Hamburg Germany XFW EDHI
Kiel Airport (KEL) Kiel Germany KEL EDHK
Braunschweig Airport (BWE) Braunschweig Germany BWE EDVE
Zurich Airport (ZRH) Zurich Switzerland ZRH LSZH
Name City Country IATA ICAO
Dep. Arrival FlightNo Dep. Time
(local time)
Arrival Time
(local time)
FlightStatus TimeStatus ArrivalGate
Dep. Arrival FlightNo Dep. Time
(local time)
Arrival Time
(local time)
Status TimeStatus ArrivalGate

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