Sweden is a country located in Europe and has a population of more than 9,828,655 people. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. There are at least 50 medium and large Airports located in Sweden with numerous connections to other airports.

SWEDEN Airports (50 Airports)

Country Name City IATA ICAO
Angelholm Helsingborg Airport (AGH) Sweden AGH ESTA
Ostersund Are Airport (OSD) Sweden OSD ESNZ
Orebro Airport (ORB) Orebro Sweden ORB ESOE
Ornskoldsvik Airport (OER) Ornskoldsvik Sweden OER ESNO
Arvidsjaur Airport (AJR) Arvidsjaur Sweden AJR ESNX
Borlange Dala Airport (BLE) Borlange Sweden BLE ESSD
Eskilstuna Airport (EKT) Eskilstuna Sweden EKT ESSU
Gallivare Airport (GEV) Gallivare Sweden GEV ESNG
Gothenburg City Airport (GSE) Gothenborg Sweden GSE ESGP
Gothenburg Landvetter Airport (GOT) Gothenborg Sweden GOT ESGG
Kramfors Hoga Kusten Airport (KRF) Kramfors Sweden KRF ESNK
Halmstad Airport (HAD) Halmstad Sweden HAD ESMT
Hemavan Airport (HMV) Hemavan Sweden HMV ESUT
Hultsfred Airport (HLF) Hultsfred Sweden HLF ESSF
Jonkoping Airport (JKG) Joenkoeping Sweden JKG ESGJ
Kalmar Airport (KLR) Kalkmar Sweden KLR ESMQ
Karlstad Airport (KSD) Sweden KSD ESOK
Kiruna Airport (KRN) Kiruna Sweden KRN ESNQ
Kristianstad Osterlen Airport (KID) Kristianstad Sweden KID ESMK
Lidkoping Hovby Airport (LDK) Lidkoping Sweden LDK ESGL
Linkoping City Airport (LPI) Linkoeping Sweden LPI ESSL
Lulea Airport (LLA) Lulea Sweden LLA ESPA
Lycksele Airport (LYC) Lycksele Sweden LYC ESNL
Malmo Airport (MMX) Malmoe Sweden MMX ESMS
Mora Siljan Airport (MXX) Mora Sweden MXX ESKM
Norrkoping Airport (NRK) Norrkoeping Sweden NRK ESSP
Oskarshamn Airport (OSK) Oskarshamn Sweden OSK ESMO
Pajala Airport (PJA) Sweden PJA ESUP
Ronneby Airport (RNB) Ronneby Sweden RNB ESDF
Skelleftea Airport (SFT) Skelleftea Sweden SFT ESNS
Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) Stockholm Sweden ARN ESSA
Stockholm Bromma Airport (BMA) Stockholm Sweden BMA ESSB
Stockholm Skavsta Airport (NYO) Stockholm Sweden NYO ESKN
Stockholm Vasteras Hasslo Airport (VST) Vasteras Sweden VST ESOW
Storuman Airport (SQO) Mohed Sweden SQO ESUD
Sundsvall Timra Airport (SDL) Sundsvall Sweden SDL ESNN
Sveg Harjedalen Airport (EVG) Sveg Sweden EVG ESND
Torsby Airport (TYF) Torsby Sweden TYF ESST
Trollhattan Vanersborg Airport (THN) Trollhattan Sweden THN ESGT
Umea Airport (UME) Umea Sweden UME ESNU
Vaxjo Smaland Airport (VXO) Vaxjo Sweden VXO ESMX
Vilhelmina Airport (VHM) Vilhelmina Sweden VHM ESNV
Visby Airport (VBY) Visby Sweden VBY ESSV
Skovde Airport (KVB) Skovde Sweden KVB ESGR
Karlskoga Airport (KSK) Karlskoga Sweden KSK ESKK
Söderhamn Airport (SOO) Söderhamn Sweden SOO ESNY
Hagfors Airport (HFS) Hagfors Sweden HFS ESOH
Gavle Airport (GVX) Gavle Sweden GVX ESSK
Malmoe (MMA) Malmoe Sweden MMA MMA
Stockholm (STO) Stockholm Sweden STO STO
Country Name City IATA ICAO

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