Russia is a country located in Europe and has a population of more than 140,702,000 people. The capital of Russia is Moscow. There are at least 145 medium and large Airports located in Russia with numerous connections to other airports.

RUSSIA Airports (145 Airports)

Country Name City IATA ICAO
Abakan International Airport (ABA) Abakan Russia ABA UNAA
Achinsk Airport (ACS) Russia ACS UNKS
Norilsk Alykel Airport (NSK) Russia NSK UOOO
Amderma Airport (AMV) Russia AMV ULDD
Anapa Airport (AAQ) Russia AAQ URKA
Balakovo Airport (BWO) Russia BWO UWSB
Barnaul Airport (BAX) Barnaul Russia BAX UNBB
Naberezhnye Chelny Begishevo Airport (NBC) Russia NBC UWKE
Belaya Gora Airport (BGN) Russia BGN UESG
Belgorod International Airport (EGO) Russia EGO UUOB
Beslan Airport (OGZ) Russia OGZ URMO
Tomsk Bogashevo Airport (TOF) Russia TOF UNTT
Perm Bolshoye Savino Airport (PEE) Perm Russia PEE USPP
Bratsk Airport (BTK) Bratsk Russia BTK UIBB
Bryansk International Airport (BZK) Bryansk Russia BZK UUBP
Bugulma Airport (UUA) Russia UUA UWKB
Cheboksary Airport (CSY) Russia CSY UWKS
Chelyabinsk Airport (CEK) Chelyabinsk Russia CEK USCC
Chersky Airport (CYX) Chersky Russia CYX UESS
Moscow Chkalovskiy Airport (CKL) Russia CKL UUMU
Chokurdakh Airport (CKH) Chokurdakh Russia CKH UESO
Chulman Airport (NER) Russia NER UELL
Dikson Airport (DKS) Russia DKS UODD
Moscow Domodedovo International Airport (DME) Russia DME UUDD
Elista Airport (ESL) Russia ESL URWI
Gelendzhik Airport (GDZ) Russia GDZ URKG
Gorno-Altaysk Airport (RGK) Russia RGK UNBG
Kaluga Grabtsevo Airport (KLF) Russia KLF UUBC
Grozny Airport (GRV) Russia GRV URMG
Igarka Airport (IAA) Russia IAA UOII
Blagoveshchensk Ignatyevo Airport (BQS) Blagoveschensk Russia BQS UHBB
Inta Airport (INA) Russia INA UUYI
Irkutsk International Airport (IKT) Irkutsk Russia IKT UIII
Ivanovo Yuzhny Airport (IWA) Russia IWA UUBI
Izhevsk Airport (IJK) Russia IJK USII
Chita Kadala Airport (HTA) Chita Russia HTA UIAA
Kazan International Airport (KZN) Kazan Russia KZN UWKD
Kemerovo International Airport (KEJ) Kemorovo Russia KEJ UNEE
Keperveyem Airport (KPW) Keperveem Russia KPW UHMK
Khabarovsk Novy Airport (KHV) Khabarovsk Russia KHV UHHH
Khanty-Mansiysk Airport (HMA) Khanty-mansiysk Russia HMA USHH
Khatanga Airport (HTG) Khatanga Russia HTG UOHH
Kaliningrad Khrabrovo Airport (KGD) Kaliningrad Russia KGD UMKK
Kogalym International Airport (KGP) Russia KGP USRK
Yekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport (SVX) Sverdlovsk Russia SVX USSS
Komsomolsk-on-Amur Airport (KXK) Russia KXK UHKK
Kostroma Airport (KMW) Russia KMW UUBA
Kotlas Airport (KSZ) Russia KSZ ULKK
Krasnodar International Airport (KRR) Krasnodar Russia KRR URKK
Kurgan Airport (KRO) Kurgan Russia KRO USUU
Kursk Airport (URS) Russia URS UUOK
Samara Kurumoch International Airport (KUF) Samara Russia KUF UWWW
Kyzyl Airport (KYZ) Kyzyl Russia KYZ UNKY
Lensk Airport (ULK) Lensk Russia ULK UERL
Lipetsk Airport (LPK) Russia LPK UUOL
Magan Airport (GYG) Magdagachi Russia GYG UEMM
Magas Airport (IGT) Russia IGT URMS
Magnitogorsk International Airport (MQF) Magnetiogorsk Russia MQF USCM
Migalovo (KLD) Tver Russia KLD UUEM
Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV) Mineralnye Vody Russia MRV URMM
Mirny Airport (MJZ) Mirnyj Russia MJZ UERR
Moma Airport (MQJ) Russia MQJ UEMA
Murmansk Airport (MMK) Murmansk Russia MMK ULMM
Nadym Airport (NYM) Nadym Russia NYM USMM
Nalchik Airport (NAL) Russia NAL URMN
Astrakhan Narimanovo Airport (ASF) Astrakhan Russia ASF URWA
Naryan-Mar Airport (NNM) Naryan-mar Russia NNM ULAM
Nefteyugansk Airport (NFG) Russia NFG USRN
Nizhnevartovsk Airport (NJC) Nizhnevartovsk Russia NJC USNN
Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (GOJ) Russia GOJ UWGG
Novy Urengoy Airport (NUX) Russia NUX USMU
Noyabrsk Airport (NOJ) Russia NOJ USRO
Nyagan Airport (NYA) Russia NYA USHN
Okhotsk Airport (OHO) Okhotsk Russia OHO UHOO
Olyokminsk Airport (OLZ) Olekminsk Russia OLZ UEMO
Omsk Tsentralny Airport (OMS) Omsk Russia OMS UNOO
Orenburg Tsentralny Airport (REN) Orenburg Russia REN UWOO
Orsk Airport (OSW) Russia OSW UWOR
Oryol Yuzhny Airport (OEL) Russia OEL UUOR
Moscow Ostafyevo International Airport (OSF) Russia OSF UUMO
Pechora Airport (PEX) Pechora Russia PEX UUYP
Penza Airport (PEZ) Penza Russia PEZ UWPP
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport (PKC) Petropavlovsk Russia PKC UHPP
Petrozavodsk Airport (PES) Russia PES ULPB
Pevek Airport (PWE) Pevek Russia PWE UHMP
Kirov Pobedilovo Airport (KVX) Kirov Russia KVX USKK
Udachny Polyarny Airport (PYJ) Polyarny Russia PYJ UERP
Provideniya Bay Airport (PVS) Provideniya Bay Russia PVS UHMD
Pskov Airport (PKV) Russia PKV ULOO
St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport (LED) St. Petersburg Russia LED ULLI
Moscow Zhukovsky Airport (ZIA) Russia ZIA UUBW
Roschino International Airport (TJM) Russia TJM USTR
Rostov-on-Don Airport (ROV) Rostov Russia ROV URRR
Salekhard Airport (SLY) Salekhard Russia SLY USDD
Saransk Airport (SKX) Russia SKX UWPS
Saratov Tsentralny Airport (RTW) Russia RTW UWSS
Saskylakh Airport (SYS) Saskylakh Russia SYS UERS
Severo-Evensk Airport (SWV) Russia SWV UHMW
Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) Moscow Russia SVO UUEE
Smolensk North Airport (LNX) Russia LNX XUBS
Sochi International Airport (AER) Sochi Russia AER URSS
Magadan Sokol Airport (GDX) Magadan Russia GDX UHMM
Sovetsky Airport (OVS) Sovetsky Russia OVS USHS
Novokuznetsk Spichenkovo Airport (NOZ) Novokuznetsk Russia NOZ UNWW
Staroselye Airport (RYB) Russia RYB UUBK
Stavropol Shpakovskoye Airport (STW) Stavropol Russia STW URMT
Strezhevoy Airport (SWT) Russia SWT UNSS
Surgut International Airport (SGC) Surgut Russia SGC USRR
Syktyvkar Airport (SCW) Syktyvkar Russia SCW UUYY
Arkhangelsk Talagi Airport (ARH) Russia ARH ULAA
Tambov Donskoye Airport (TBW) Russia TBW UUOT
Tiksi Airport (IKS) Russia IKS UEST
Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport (OVB) Russia OVB UNNT
Ufa International Airport (UFA) Ufa Russia UFA UWUU
Anadyr Ugolny Airport (DYR) Anadyr Russia DYR UHMA
Ukhta Airport (UCT) Ukhta Russia UCT UUYH
Ulan-Ude Airport (UUD) Ulan-ude Russia UUD UIUU
Ulyanovsk Baratayevka Airport (ULV) Russia ULV UWLL
Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport (ULY) Russia ULY UWLW
Uray Airport (URJ) Russia URJ USHU
Usinsk Airport (USK) Russia USK UUYS
Ust-Kut Airport (UKX) Russia UKX UITT
Ust-Tsilma Airport (UTS) Russia UTS UUYX
Makhachkala Uytash Airport (MCX) Makhachkala Russia MCX URML
Velikiye Luki Airport (VLU) Velikiye Luki Russia VLU ULOL
Vilyuysk Airport (VYI) Russia VYI UENW
Vladivostok International Airport (VVO) Vladivostok Russia VVO UHWW
Moscow Vnukovo International Airport (VKO) Moscow Russia VKO UUWW
Volgograd International Airport (VOG) Volgograd Russia VOG URWW
Vologda Airport (VGD) Vologda Russia VGD ULWW
Vorkuta Airport (VKT) Vorkuta Russia VKT UUYW
Voronezh International Airport (VOZ) Voronezh Russia VOZ UUOO
Yakutsk Airport (YKS) Yakutsk Russia YKS UEEE
Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo Airport (KJA) Russia KJA UNKL
Yeniseysk Airport (EIE) Yeniseysk Russia EIE UNII
Yoshkar-Ola Airport (JOK) Russia JOK UWKJ
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport (UUS) Yuzhno-sakhalinsk Russia UUS UHSS
Zhigansk Airport (ZIX) Russia ZIX UEVV
Zyryanka Airport (ZKP) Russia ZKP UESU
Maygatka Airport. (GVN) Sovetskaya Gavan Russia GVN UHKM
Cherepovets Airport (CEE) Cherepovets Russia CEE ULWC
Yeysk Airport (EIK) Yeysk Russia EIK URKE
Taganrog Yuzhny Airport (TGK) Taganrog Russia TGK URRT
Berezovo Airport (EZV) Beryzovo Russia EZV USHB
Moscow (MOW) Moscow Russia MOW MOW
Country Name City IATA ICAO

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