Pakistan is a country located in Asia and has a population of more than 184,404,791 people. The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad. There are at least 32 medium and large Airports located in Pakistan with numerous connections to other airports.

PAKISTAN Airports (32 Airports)

Country Name City IATA ICAO
Lahore Allama Iqbal International Airport (LHE) Lahore Pakistan LHE OPLA
Peshawar Bacha Khan International Airport (PEW) Peshawar Pakistan PEW OPPS
Bahawalpur Airport (BHV) Bahawalpure Pakistan BHV OPBW
Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International Airport (ISB) Islamabad Pakistan ISB OPRN
Chitral Airport (CJL) Chitral Pakistan CJL OPCH
Dera Ghazi Khan Airport (DEA) Dera Ghazi Khan Pakistan DEA OPDG
Dera Ismail Khan Airport (DSK) Dera Ismail Khan Pakistan DSK OPDI
Faisalabad International Airport (LYP) Faisalabad Pakistan LYP OPFA
Gilgit Airport (GIL) Gilgit Pakistan GIL OPGT
Gwadar International Airport (GWD) Gwadar Pakistan GWD OPGD
Karachi Jinnah International Airport (KHI) Karachi Pakistan KHI OPKC
Mangla Airport (XJM) Mangla Pakistan XJM OPMA
Moenjodaro Airport (MJD) Moenjodaro Pakistan MJD OPMJ
Multan International Airport (MUX) Multan Pakistan MUX OPMT
Muzaffarabad Airport (MFG) Muzaffarabad Pakistan MFG OPMF
Nawabshah Airport (WNS) Nawabshah Pakistan WNS OPNH
PAF Base M.M. Alam (MWD) Mianwali Pakistan MWD OPMI
PAF Base Mushaf (SGI) Sargodha Pakistan SGI OPSR
PAF Base Shahbaz (JAG) Jacobsbad Pakistan JAG OPJA
Panjgur Airport (PJG) Panjgur Pakistan PJG OPPG
Pasni Airport (PSI) Pasni Pakistan PSI OPPI
Quetta International Airport (UET) Quetta Pakistan UET OPQT
Rawalakot Airport (RAZ) Rawala Kot Pakistan RAZ OPRT
Saidu Sharif Airport (SDT) Saidu Sharif Pakistan SDT OPSS
Sehwan Sharif Airport (SYW) Pakistan SYW OPSN
Rahim Yar Khan Shaikh Zayed International Airport (RYK) Rahim Yar Khan Pakistan RYK OPRK
Sialkot International Airport (SKT) Pakistan SKT OPST
Skardu Airport (KDU) Skardu Pakistan KDU OPSD
Sui Airport (SUL) Sui Pakistan SUL OPSU
Sukkur Airport (SKZ) Sukkur Pakistan SKZ OPSK
Zhob Airport (PZH) Zhob Pakistan PZH OPZB
Turbat Airport (TUK) Turbo Pakistan TUK OPTU
Country Name City IATA ICAO

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