Finland is a country located in Europe and has a population of more than 5,244,000 people. The capital of Finland is Helsinki. There are at least 31 medium and large Airports located in Finland with numerous connections to other airports.

FINLAND Airports (31 Airports)

Country Name City IATA ICAO
Enontekio Airport (ENF) Enontekio Finland ENF EFET
Halli Airport (KEV) Halli Finland KEV EFHA
Helsinki Malmi Airport (HEM) Helsinki Finland HEM EFHF
Helsinki Vantaa Airport (HEL) Helsinki Finland HEL EFHK
Hyvinkaa Airport (HYV) Hyvinkaa Finland HYV EFHV
Ivalo Airport (IVL) Ivalo Finland IVL EFIV
Joensuu Airport (JOE) Joensuu Finland JOE EFJO
Jyvaskyla Airport (JYV) Jyvaskyla Finland JYV EFJY
Kajaani Airport (KAJ) Kajaani Finland KAJ EFKI
Kauhajoki Airfield (KHJ) Kauhajoki Finland KHJ EFKJ
Kauhava Airport (KAU) Kauhava Finland KAU EFKA
Kemi Tornio Airport (KEM) Kemi Finland KEM EFKE
Kitee Airfield (KTQ) Kitee Finland KTQ EFIT
Kittila Airport (KTT) Kittila Finland KTT EFKT
Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport (KOK) Kruunupyy Finland KOK EFKK
Kuopio Airport (KUO) Kuopio Finland KUO EFKU
Kuusamo Airport (KAO) Kuusamo Finland KAO EFKS
Lappeenranta Airport (LPP) Lappeenranta Finland LPP EFLP
Mariehamn Airport (MHQ) Mariehamn Finland MHQ EFMA
Mikkeli Airport (MIK) Mikkeli Finland MIK EFMI
Oulu Airport (OUL) Oulu Finland OUL EFOU
Pori Airport (POR) Pori Finland POR EFPO
Rovaniemi Airport (RVN) Rovaniemi Finland RVN EFRO
Savonlinna Airport (SVL) Savonlinna Finland SVL EFSA
Seinajoki Airport (SJY) Finland SJY EFSI
Sodankylä Airfield (SOT) Sodankyla Finland SOT EFSO
Tampere Pirkkala Airport (TMP) Tampere Finland TMP EFTP
Turku Airport (TKU) Turku Finland TKU EFTU
Vaasa Airport (VAA) Vaasa Finland VAA EFVA
Varkaus Airport (VRK) Varkaus Finland VRK EFVR
Ylivieska Airfield (YLI) Ylivieska-raudaskyla Finland YLI EFYL
Country Name City IATA ICAO

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