Afghanistan is a country located in Asia and has a population of more than 29,121,286 people. The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul. There are at least 8 medium and large Airports located in Afghanistan with numerous connections to other airports.

AFGHANISTAN Airports (8 Airports)

Country Name City IATA ICAO
Bagram Airfield (OAI) Afghanistan OAI OAIX
Herat International Airport (HEA) Herat Afghanistan HEA OAHR
Jalalabad Airport (JAA) Jalalabad Afghanistan JAA OAJL
Kabul International Airport (KBL) Kabul Afghanistan KBL OAKB
Kandahar Airport (KDH) Kandahar Afghanistan KDH OAKN
Kunduz Airport (UND) Kunduz Afghanistan UND OAUZ
Maimana Airport (MMZ) Maimama Afghanistan MMZ OAMN
Mazar-I-Sharif International Airport (MZR) Mazar-i-sharif Afghanistan MZR OAMS
Country Name City IATA ICAO

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