Kazakhstan is a country located in Asia and has a population of more than 15,340,000 people. The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana. There are at least 20 medium and large Airports located in Kazakhstan with numerous connections to other airports.

KAZAKHSTAN Airports (20 Airports)

Country Name City IATA ICAO
Aktau Airport (SCO) Shevchenko Kazakhstan SCO UATE
Aktobe Airport (AKX) Aktyubinsk Kazakhstan AKX UATT
Almaty International Airport (ALA) Alma-ata Kazakhstan ALA UAAA
Astana International Airport (TSE) Tselinograd Kazakhstan TSE UACC
Atyrau Airport (GUW) Kazakhstan GUW UATG
Balkhash Airport (BXH) Balkhash Kazakhstan BXH UAAH
Ekibastuz Airport (EKB) Kazakhstan EKB UASB
Kokshetau Airport (KOV) Kazakhstan KOV UACK
Kostanay Airport (KSN) Kustanay Kazakhstan KSN UAUU
Oral Ak Zhol Airport (URA) Uralsk Kazakhstan URA UARR
Oskemen Airport (UKK) Kazakhstan UKK UASK
Pavlodar Airport (PWQ) Pavlodar Kazakhstan PWQ UASP
Petropavl Airport (PPK) Kazakhstan PPK UACP
Karaganda Sary-Arka Airport (KGF) Kazakhstan KGF UAKK
Semipalatinsk Semey Airport (PLX) Semiplatinsk Kazakhstan PLX UASS
Shymkent International Airport (CIT) Chimkent Kazakhstan CIT UAII
Taraz Airport (DMB) Dzhambul Kazakhstan DMB UADD
Zhezkazgan Airport (DZN) Dzhezkazgan Kazakhstan DZN UAKD
Taldykorgan Airport (TDK) Taldy Kurgan Kazakhstan TDK UAAT
Atyrau Airport (GUW) Kazakhstan GUW UAGZ
Country Name City IATA ICAO

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